• Think About Your Car



    Your car has a dashboard with an instrument panel hat shows you, in real time, various conditions regarding your car, e.g.

    • Oil pressure, Engine temperature, Fuel level, Seatbelts on/off
    • Doors open, battery charging level, etc

    You may even hear unique warning sounds if conditions are not resolved. Not resolving the adverse conditions will result in either costly damage to your car or accidents.

    The result of these is that your Warranty will lapse, your insurance claim may be refused, you will not have transport, or may sustain serious injuries if involved in an accident, and other unpleasant consequences.

  • Unfortunately, most of your other Assets, Plant, Infrastructure is often out on site and out of your sight. You only get to know that things have stopped working when it is too late for you to intervene.
    Asset Monitors has a cost-effective, wireless SCADA solution to enable you to see most things that are happening with your remote assets, plant, infrastructure, similar to what you can see in your car, and even more.
    • The Technology We Implement

      • Is SABS and WHO approved, complies with international standards
      • Has been out there for more that 10 years
      • Is rugged and works in deep rural African areas ( can be powered by solar, battery or mains power)
      • Also deployed in Europe & Australia
      • Is cost effective, offered on a SaaS basis, thus no need to buy any special software. You only need to have access to the internet
      • Will send you sms and e-mail alerts to either your cell phone, tablet, PC if things are not ok with ur plant, assets, infrastructure, based on your pre-set parameters
      • Is future proof (can read analogue, digital, pulse inputs)
      • Will provide you with Reports, Management Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, digital historical reports that you can access anytime for Regulatory reporting & other purposes
    • We can monitor the following conditions on your Plant, assets, infrastructure

      • Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Impact
      • Flow
      • Electrical (Voltage, Amps, etc)
      • Doors open (e.g. fridges)
      • Volatile gasses
      • Air Quality
      • etc

      For application across various industries

      • Oil & Gas, Energy, Water, Retail, Health, Mining
      • Agriculture, cold Chain, telecoms, Facility Mgt
      • Electricity, Petro Chemical, Security, etc